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Jennie Stout

R+F Independent Consultant

My favorite products:
ENHANCEMENTS Micro-Dermabrasion Paste

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My Story

My journey with Rodan + Fields Dermatologists began with a simple phone call. My niece had been affiliated with the company and using the products for a time and was very excited to share what she had learned with me. She mentioned that Dr. Rodan and Dr. Fields were on a mission to change peoples' skin and change their lives as well through independent business ownership. I knew the reputation of these two brilliant doctors and how well-respected they are world-wide. Who wouldn't jump at the chance to join them in their newest venture?

My skin at the time was a messy combination of rosacea and adult acne. By using a very simple app on her website I was able to determine quickly which products would be right for my particular skin care need. I was thrilled to find that when I needed further advice, the nurses of the RF Connection were available with a response in less than 24 hours. I am pleased to now offer these tools to my customers through my own website!

Fast forward to today... I can't even believe the changes in my skin. My before and after photos tell a great part of the story, but what the photos can't show is how the texture of my skin has changed and how my sensitivity has been reduced. When I saw how dramatically my self-confidence increased and how many people noticed the changes (in both my skin and my personality), becoming an Independent Consultant was a no-brainer.

I couldn't sell a product I couldn't get behind 100% but these products work. They do what they say they will do! You will love them or you will get your money back, guaranteed. With a 60 day, empty bottle guarantee, what have you got to lose?

Give me a call or send me an email to get started on a personalized recommendation for your needs. I truly look forward to working with you and seeing the amazing changes in your skin.




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